20 February 2016

Some Cemeteries in Logan County, Ohio

On the way to attend the Ohio Genealogical Society's Fall Seminar in October 2014, I stopped in Logan County and visited some cemeteries.

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26 August 2015

Something for Everyone

Yesterday I visited an interesting cemetery in Largo, Pinellas County, Florida.  It is the Serenity Gardens Memorial Park (aka Moss Feaster Serenity Gardens).  The Anona Pioneer Cemetery is also located on its grounds.

Besides the traditional tombstones located in the Anona Pioneer Section, there are flat markers, walk-in mausoleums, individual mausoleums, family mausoleums, cremation plots, urn garden pots, columbarium niches, and more. Quite a variety.

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03 August 2015

Alexander Cemetery, Perry Township, Brown County, Ohio

As the Brown County OHGenWeb Coordinator (I also host the sites for Pike County, Ohio, and New Castle County, Delaware), I try to photograph as many cemeteries in Brown County, Ohio, as possible.  Some are large, others are very small.  Many of them have old stones that have survived while others like this one has no or few extant tombstones.

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12 April 2015

Possible Southern Cousins

A visit to the Camp Chase Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio, as been on my to-do list for a while.  I just attended the Ohio Genealogical Conference and the venue was only a few miles from the cemetery so I was able to visit.

Visiting Civil War cemeteries is always a somber experience for me.  Having relatives that fought on both sides (I have not yet found any that were in direct conflict with each other) is sometimes difficult to comprehend.

I found some surnames of my southern lines (my maternal and my brother's paternal) and photographed those stones. Perhaps I will make a cousin connection to one of those soldiers in the future.

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13 May 2011

Christ Church Cemetery, St. Simons Island, Georgia

I have visited this cemetery numerous times over the last 30 years.  It is such a beautiful and peaceful spot. The Spanish moss hanging from the old oak trees adds character to the place.

Grave of the author Eugenia Price.  Her books The Beloved Invader, New Moon Rising, and Lighthouse were based on real people who lived in the St. Simons Island area and a number of the names may be found in this cemetery.
The Graveyard Squirrel

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