20 September 2010

46 Tombstones

Located in Bethel Township, Clark County, Ohio, is the Clark County Home (or Infirmary) Cemetery. I photographed 46 stones that were marked with only an initial, surname, and year of death. There are a number of unmarked graves.
Using the FamilySearch Beta site, I was able to locate the death certificates for all the individuals that have a tombstone.
The youngest person buried there is a John Scanlon who had the alias of John Shannon. He died at the age of 24 due to a "fractured skull caused in a manner to me unknown," per the coroner.

The oldest person with a tombstone is a Jerry Morgan whose cause of death was listed as cirrhosis, hepatitis, and valvular heart disease.
Unknown was a man about 70 years of age who died of traumatism, shock, internal hemorrhage, broken left jaw, broken and dislocated left hip, and other injuries. His death was listed as a probable homicide.

I wonder how many of these individuals had family somewhere who never knew what happened to them? There is not much additional information on their death certificates (no dates of births or names of parents), but I am going to try to find out more about them.

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